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In 2012, Denise was inspired to move to Austin, TX with her family. This is a dream they have shared for a while - to live in this beautiful city with so much diversity, art, and culture.


She named her studio Sacred Arts Studio because of her strong belief that being in the process of creating is a sacred place where we connect with the deepest parts of ourselves.

A little about Denise

Denise opened Sacred Arts Studio in Shreveport, LA in 1995, and has successfully taught art to children and adults since.


She taught art in the Caddo Parish Public School system for 11 years and Montessori for 10 years. In 1992, Denise was awarded Art Educator of the Year in her Parish. She has been recognized with multiple awards and recognitions throughout her career.

Let us Take You on an Artistic Journey

Feel at ease to create a work of art in our comfortable and relaxing, nonjudgmental area where everyone feels welcome.

Certified Instructors

She is an excellent instructor and mentor; and she has taught me so many skills in various mediums. When drawing, I often find myself using skills that I had forgotten I learned! She teaches that, “There are no mistakes in art, no ‘right way’ of drawing, but there are techniques to help you draw what you want.”

-Elisabeth (Student)

Home is where the art is

Sacred Arts Studio, and Denise Dews, has been teaching art to the young, and the young at heart, for 25 years. Denise earned her Bachelors of Art degree from Louisiana State University in 1995. She continues to explore and learn about creativity and art in many different, exciting ways.

Denise is a professional artist who creates with many different mediums, her favorites being acrylic on canvas, mixed media, and mosaic.

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Andrew has been working at Sacred Arts Studio for many years. He actually grew up on the studio floor. He is a key ingredient in the smooth transition the studio made from Shreveport Louisiana to the beautiful city of Austin in 2012.


He has studied many years of art being homeschooled by his mom Denise Dews and then going on to pursue an art degree. His focused area of study has been in Character Development with a strong appreciation in Japanese Art and Animation.  Andrew is a very kind and gentle person which makes him a joy to work with.